Campaign Is Over. Thank you for your support!
Tribune Endorsed!
Thank You.

Thank you everyone so much for your support throughout this campaign.  It seems as though the 43rd district does not want freedom and growth at this time, but that they want more of the same and overwhelmingly so.  People have spoken, but I fear that much of what happened is due to blind observance to party, and not to what candidates actually stand for and what they can do.  I wish representative Moeller the best of luck and really do want to see our district do well.  I hope that she is able and willing to stick to what she has said she will do for the district.  I hope that our state improves.  I fear that it wont.

I still believe fully in Elgin and am invested in our city and area.  I am not leaving.  I am here to stay and do what I can.  I think my purpose now though, is to work educating people on what freedom and libertarianism actually means.  On what classic conservatism really is.  I want to stop people thinking solely of labels and really consider the candidate.  I want people to look long and hard at what is actually best for them LONG TERM, what is best for their neighbors and their district.  

When I hear about people moving away because of better opportunities elsewhere right after they kept voting for the ones currently in power, I find it makes me sad that they are leaving something and then still bringing that climate with them.  Please everyone, actually think about what you really support and don't hate one side while loving the other just because you were told to or the letter next to the name.  You can't hate Trump for being a wealthy white man buying his way into politics and yet love JB Pritzker who is exactly the same thing.  You can dislike them both, that is fair.  I truly believe that when you have something you believe in, you need to be consistent.  It can't change based on who says it.  

I will remain active and an activist, but whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian or something else, please remember that if you treat others well, I will treat you well.  No matter which group you align with, you are still my friend.  I believe in the golden rule and I believe in respect.  I ask all of you to do the same.  Thank you, and see you as we all move forward.